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    OmniHide allows you to hide a file within another file. Any file can be hidden within common image/music/ video/document formats. The output file would work just as the original source file would.

    The OmniHide Pro Advantage

    • Hide files within Photos, Movies, Documents, Music and what not!
    • No restrictions on input file types or size
    • Enhanced security with password enabled encryption
    • Free access to all future updates and patches » Get it now!

    → OmniHide PRO

    The real deal. Hide any file within Movies, Music, Images... You decide. No watermarks and nag screens.
    No File or Size Restricions on Mask file.

    → OmniHide TRIAL

    A teaser of the PRO Version. Although it has limited functionality, the trial gives you an idea of the capabilities of the utility.

    • Files can be hidden only within certain Image Formats.
    • The Output will be watermarked.
    • Mask file should be between 300x300 and 1440x1440.
    • No Option for Password Protecting hidden files.

    → OmniHide Extractor

    Shared an Output file with someone who does not have OmniHide? Fret Not! Download the Extractor for free.

    Portable Mode

    In Portable mode, if the file to be hidden is a compressed archive, you can open it in WinRar/WinZip or OmniHide. Else, you can recover it using OmniHide or the Extractor.
    SAMPLE: Download [ sample.png ] and open it with WinRar/WinZip/OmniHide to see hidden content.

    Secure Mode

    In secure mode, the file to be hidden is encoded and can optionally be password protected. The hidden file cannot be recovered by normal means and would require OmniHide (or Free Standalone extractor) to decode it.
    SAMPLE: Download [ sample.avi ] and use OHP Extractor or Trial to extract hidden file. Use password 'secret' to decode.

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