Keep snooping eyes away from your confidential files.


Over 5000 Trial downloads. Thankyou!

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OmniHide PRO Trial recently crossed over 5000 downloads collectively – from our site and other download sites like softpedia & download3k combined.


A big thankyou from everyone at OmniHide to all of you for trying out our app.

Get the trial from here.

Get the full version from here.


The Great Twitter OHP License Giveaway

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It’s time to tweet and win. A winner each day receives a PRO license (worth $29.95) of OmniHide. That’s right, hiding files has never been this easy.


  1. Follow @omnihide on twitter
  2. Tweet about the creative ways that you can use Omnihide if you won a free Pro license. (You can tweet as many ways as you can think up!)
  3. Include the hashtag #OmniHide and  the link to the Giveaway in your tweet.
  4. Drink Beer.


  1. The Giveaway for each day will open at 12 midnight CST.
  2. The contest ends on Jan 31, 2010. The winner for the day will be selected from the pool of creative tweets and will be announced daily.

THE CREATIVE WINNERS who won an OmniHide Pro license

Jan 10th – @anuparu

Jan 11th – @bamaboywill

Jan 12th – @vj_onix

Jan 15th – @pratikonomics

Jan 19th – @doncovar

Jan 20th – @Pinkish_23


Reason#1 to go Omni-Pro

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The Simplicity involved.

Yes, hiding a sensitive file can’t be simpler.

There are just 3 steps to hiding a file using OmniHide Pro.

  1. Choose the Mask file.
  2. Choose the ‘File to be hidden’.
  3. Click Hide.

Can’t get simpler than that, right people?


Sensitive files stay super-hidden with OmniHide Pro

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You boss, your friend, your neighbor’s dog: they won’t know that the silly looking  and innocent image file on your desktop hides one of your valuable files that have something akin to classified data!

They just won’t know.

That’s the one small thing that will make OmniHide Pro, just work for you!


Bypassing .exe file-attachment restriction in GMail

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With the GMail Anti-Virus Scanner looking over your shoulder, you cannot send or receive emails with .exe, .dll, .ocx, .com or .bat files as attachments even if they are sent in a zipped format  like .zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz, with the exception of the .rar format.

Okay, though the restriction has been added as a security feature it can become an annoyance on its own, sometimes.

Omnihide provides a quick-fix solution to this and simplifies the task of bypassing this restriction: just hide the file (which is ordinarily restricted as an attachment on GMail) INSIDE image/audio/video file using OmniHide and…viola! it’s ready to be send over your GMail.

Get it now for just $7.00!


Try out before you buy!

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The Omnihide Trial is by itself loaded with great features that it is one way of trying out before you shell out money to go Pro. The Trial version of OmniHide has a few liitations, but allows you to sample OmniHide’s glory.

You can download OmniHide from any of these download sites:



It’s not there, but it IS

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Where have all the files gone?

Take the case of your friend or office-mate who’s been snooping around your desk, trying to find what you have been upto.

What will you do?

Yes, OmniHide all the files into unsuspected audio or video files. So your pesky little friend will find himself at dead end.


Welcome to the OmniHide Blog.

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Hey, amazing people!!

This is an exciting time for us all at the OmniHide HQ. The release of the OmniHide Pro v1 is imminent.

OmniHide is the best software around that allows you to hide files within other files.

This blog will track all things related about OmniHide and the best way to keep yourself updated on some OmniTalk.