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The Great Twitter OHP License Giveaway

posted by spy at 10:32 pm in Omni-talk

It’s time to tweet and win. A winner each day receives a PRO license (worth $29.95) of OmniHide. That’s right, hiding files has never been this easy.


  1. Follow @omnihide on twitter
  2. Tweet about the creative ways that you can use Omnihide if you won a free Pro license. (You can tweet as many ways as you can think up!)
  3. Include the hashtag #OmniHide and  the link to the Giveaway in your tweet.
  4. Drink Beer.


  1. The Giveaway for each day will open at 12 midnight CST.
  2. The contest ends on Jan 31, 2010. The winner for the day will be selected from the pool of creative tweets and will be announced daily.

THE CREATIVE WINNERS who won an OmniHide Pro license

Jan 10th – @anuparu

Jan 11th – @bamaboywill

Jan 12th – @vj_onix

Jan 15th – @pratikonomics

Jan 19th – @doncovar

Jan 20th – @Pinkish_23

8 Responses to “The Great Twitter OHP License Giveaway”

  1. tweeted.. great contest

  2. Rafael Capucci says:

    I retweeted it and a would like it because OmhiHide PRO is a powerful data-hiding utility that allows you to hide files within other files. The output files can be used or shared like a normal file would be without anyone ever knowing of the file hidden within it. That way, your data totally stays safe from prying eyes you want to hide it from.

    retweeted here

    Hope i win!

  3. Really Great File magament! Good job!

  4. Akhil says:

    Please read the rules and enter again. :)

  5. Don says:

    Thanks Omnihide! I am very grateful that I won your contest. :)

  6. Don says:

    how can i get my Omni Pro by the way? – @doncovar

  7. I really like your wp theme, exactly where do you obtain it through?

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