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Q. What is the difference between Portable Mode and Secure Mode?

Portable Mode

In Portable mode, if the file to be hidden is a compressed archive, you can open it in a program like WinZip or WinRar.

Secure Mode

In secure mode, the file to be hidden is encoded and can be optionally password protected. The hidden file cannot be recovered by normal means and would require OmniHide (or standalone extractor) to decode it.

Q. What are the file-types that have been tested to work on OmniHide Pro?

These file-types have been tested for usage on OmniHide Pro. Other file-types that may work will be added to this list.
Mask Files:
Image Files: JPG, PNG etc.
Music Files: MP3, OGG etc.
Video Files: AVI, WMV etc.
Document Files: DOC, PDF etc.
File to be hidden:
Any format.
Q. Why should I buy the Pro version?
Because it’s by many-fold better than the Trial. Trial is recommended just for evaluation. Buying a Pro version unlocks the full potential of OmniHide.
Q. Will I be able to recover the source/hidden file if I compress the output file?
No. Any compression or damage to the output file makes the recovery of the source/hidden file impossible.

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