Keep snooping eyes away from your confidential files.


Sensitive files stay super-hidden with OmniHide Pro

posted by Akhil at 11:48 pm in Funnies

You boss, your friend, your neighbor’s dog: they won’t know that the silly looking  and innocent image file on your desktop hides one of your valuable files that have something akin to classified data!

They just won’t know.

That’s the one small thing that will make OmniHide Pro, just work for you!


It’s not there, but it IS

posted by Akhil at 10:41 pm in Funnies

Where have all the files gone?

Take the case of your friend or office-mate who’s been snooping around your desk, trying to find what you have been upto.

What will you do?

Yes, OmniHide all the files into unsuspected audio or video files. So your pesky little friend will find himself at dead end.